Discovering the Il Tempio della Salute, the brand that revolutionizes the concept of home ritual for a special beauty experience in the intimate calm of your own home.

Tempio della SaluteMaking a brand that has always been dedicated to the world of professional beauty and the bestTempio della Salute spa centers within everyone’s reach. Il Tempio della Salute has in fact always been thought of as a specific product line for beauticians and spas and since its inception the formulations themselves have been designed to be enhanced by the application through massages and treatments. But with the great return to home rituals in recent years, Cosmoproject – one of the most successful companies in the beauty sector, leader in the sector for 30 years and dealership of the Il Tempio della Salute brand for 25 – had the intuition to reverse the course . Because the “special” experience is no longer just what takes place in the cabin but becomes a pleasant “domestic” ritual. The renewed interest in at home rituals opens the door to a new concept of cosmetics: slower, more meditated, and certainly more intimate. The Il Tempio della Salute products have the roots of their formulations in the multisensory experience of true thermalism, the one that from the Thai east unfolds right up to the architectural accents of the Terme di Salsomaggiore, a real temple, consecrated to a well-being that knows how to live outside from time. And so here is the new proposal, called “Thermal Synesthesia”, to underline the special power of connecting different perceptive spheres, a
Tempio della Saluteconnection made possible by the extraordinary Fossil Thermal Water of Salsomaggiore present in all the Cosmoproject formulas. Thus, the “Thermal Method” of Il Tempio della Salute brings together the essential ingredients of thermalism (water, salt and mud) with valuable dermatologically active functional elements, and finally uses heat as a fundamental Tempio della Saluteelement to optimize the properties of these three elements. The heat, transmitted through theTempio della Salute touch of the beauty center operator or through the domestic application we make on ourselves, allows the ingredients to dialogue with each other and with the skin. In fact, the principles of neurocosmetics see the skin in close connection with the brain. By activating the skin receptors in the correct way, stimulating the olfactory system and also actively involving the sense of smell, it is possible to enormously enhance the benefits of the product. Neurocosmetics thus not only influence mood, but improve cell regeneration and its physiological hydration. The new “Sensi” line concerns products for home rituals and includes the two-phase lipolytic and draining serum Sculptura, the silky and nourishing coconut body butter Supremo and, for the face, the golden regenerating serum Magnifico and the face night cream anti-aging with colloidal gold Imperatrix.
The brand new website is also online and it will be constantly updated with tutorials, rituals and beauty tips. It will be possible to buy the products.

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