Until  August the 7th, the interactive Banquet exhibition in Paris takes the visitor on a truly immersive experience in French gourmet cuisine

exhibition Banquet Paris exhibition Banquet Paris

The opening of the interactive Banquet exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, which took place on November the 16th  and which will last until August the 7th , , coincides with the inclusion of the French gastronomic meal in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The temporary exhibition Banquet, designed with starred chef Thierry Marx and renowned scientists like  Raphaël Haumont, immerses visitors in meal preparation, tasting and sharing and offers a multisensory experience that is both gourmet and festive. All the public’s senses are stimulated because they participate in the perception of taste: eating means seeing, but also smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. Organized in three parts, the exhibition Banquet offers a sensory journey in which the visitor will be chef, taster and guest at the same time, learning culinary techniques and handling utensils and realizing how the senses, once stimulated, can change perception. Grand final the great show that combines images, sounds and smells by staging a refined banquet whose menu was designed by chef Thierry Marx and scientist Raphaël Haumont.

exhibition Banquet Paris exhibition Banquet Paris

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