The latest frontiers of food science are the basis of the DNA Diet proposed by Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort to allow us to live healthier and longer.

DNAAlready known for the splendid natural thermal grotto, the largest in Europe, and for the long list of one-of-a-kind treatments to achieve deep and complete well-being, Grotta Giusti introduces Equilibrium The DNA Diet. The thermal spa resort, which is part of the Italian Hospitality Collection group and is located in Monsummano Terme (Tuscany), offers an absolutely cutting-edge program of getting back into shape, to live healthier and longer through the latest frontiers of science food: nutrigenomics, a discipline that studies the relationship between the genome or DNA and diet; and nutrigenetics, which deals with the biological mechanisms by which DNA interacts with the various types of food. Each of us is unique because we have a different DNA from all the others and for this reason each of us reacts to the molecules present in food in an absolutely different way. Thanks to the specific sequencing and genome analysis test, the medical team of Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort canDNA develop a precision nutritional plan, a specific and personalized movement and treatment program, created specifically on the basis of the results of the investigation of specific markers. In this way we intervene on the expressiveness of some genes, correcting any negative variants, enhancing the positive ones and helping you to find the healthiest lifestyle suitable for the characteristics of the person. The test consists of a simple saliva sample, therefore absolutely non-invasive. In order to obtain the extremely safe and reliable results, it takes about four weeks from the sampling, for this reason the procedure is proposed in two different formulas, which adapt to different needs. The first formula involves staying in a hotel for one night to take the blood sample and, once the result is obtained, you then return for the weekly program prepared exclusively by a team of experts in nutrition, movement, spa therapies and beauty. Alternatively, you can take the blood sample yourself at home, with the special kit that will be sent from the hotel, and then go to the spa when the DNAresults are ready to carry out the customized weekly program. The path also includes the evaluation of eating behavior and anthropometric analysis which are then evaluated in the light of the data from the epigenetic test to identify the factors that influence the various metabolisms. The use of thermal water and the thermal grotto enhance the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect of the diet and consolidate the results. Draining and toning treatments, together with specific physical activity, complete the programme. Grotta Giusti reopened thisDNA year with a new thermal spa, completely renovated in terms of space and style, as a completion of a two-year redevelopment project that brought the historic 19th-century mansion to become part of Marriott International’s prestigious collection of Autograph Collection Hotels. The ancient country villa of the poet Giuseppe Giusti’s family is embraced by a large centuries-old park designed by the well-known landscape architect Pietro Porcinai and houses the largest natural thermal cave in Europe, defined by Giuseppe Verdi as the eighth wonder of the world.
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