Seguso Vetri d’Arte is a story of excellence in glass art spanning two centuries, which with its continuous artistic research transforms ancient knowledge into cutting-edge mastery. A timeless art that conquers the world from Murano.

vetriWhat do the British Museum in London, the MoMA in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo or the Murano Glass Museum have in common, just to name a few of the international design and decorative arts museums? They are among the most prestigious in the world, of course, but above all each of them exhibits, even in a permanent collection, the works of Seguso Vetri d’Arte, who for decades has represented the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity in the art universe glassmaking, earning an unparalleled reputation worldwide. Founded on a family tradition that dates back to the early 1900s and still led today by the descendants of the founder, in 2024 the company celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Compasso d’Oro award, the oldest and most authoritative global design award, received in 1954 for the creation of the Vaso Blu Rubino (Ruby Blue Vase). A work that represents the result of artistic research always projected on the modern historicity of the era and at the forefront, created by overlapping layers of transparent glass in different colors, which create soft colored waves starting from blue and ruby ​​up to to arrive at shades of different colours. And it is precisely this continuous artistic research, combined with the ancient knowledge and mastery of previous generations, with impeccable craftsmanship and an innovative vision, that over time has allowed Seguso Vetri d’Arte to transcend time and trends maintaining its distinctive mark of excellence. vetriFor generations the Seguso family has fueled the fire of creativity and craftsmanship in the Venetian glassmaking tradition. Each piece is shaped with care and skill and brings with it a palpable energy that only authentic passion can generate and which stands out in a vast and changing panorama such as that of glass design. And not only, as we said at the beginning, its works are admired and collected all over the world and exhibited in the most prestigious museums and luxury homes, but the Seguso Vetri d’Arte Maison also boasts numerous collaborations with world-famous architects, for which it created lighting and decoration works corresponding to the distinctive aesthetic and vision of each of these designers. From Peter Marino, an architect also adored by Andy Warhol, with whom Seguso collaborated for the Cipriani in Venice, for various private residences and for projects linked to Fendi and Dior; to Annabelle Selldorf, for whom Seguso Vetri d’Arte produced the lighting for the Frick Museum in New York and is producing others for new, very prestigious projects; up to Studio Bamo New York, also present in the rankings of the “top 10 studios in the world”, which with Seguso has created chandeliers and glass installations for several Four Seasons Hotels around the world, especially in Dubai. There are also numerous collaborations for private residences, often with the List of Top 100 Architects/Interior Designers who collaborate with Seguso Vetri d’Arte for the creation of chandeliers, lamps, large tailor-made installations or with collectors with works of art or high-end objects craftsmanship. While among the long-lasting collaborations in Private Label, we must not forget the collections made for Tiffany 5th Avenue,
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Donghia, Studio Van Den Akker and the recent creation of a precious perfume bottle for Kilian Paris by Estée Lauder. In short, it is no coincidence that as a recent cultural recognition in the month of May 2023 the Ministry of Culture of the Italian Republic declared the Vetri d’Arte compendium of the Seguso tradition of important historical and patrimonial interest. An award that confirms the effort, dedication and uniqueness of the Seguso family in their mission to pass on the extraordinary glass art of Murano. And now, after having participated in the recent Milan Design Week with the installation between Matter and Nature – which was born from a narrative by the company’s creative director Pierpaolo Seguso, intent on revealing the attempt to reconcile the past with the future, craftsmanship with art, tradition withvetri innovation – the Maison will be present at the next Homo Faber in September in Venice The Journey of Life. An event organized by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in collaboration with the Cologni Foundation and the Michelangelo Foundation and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. A new unmissable opportunity to enter the “enchanted kingdom of Seguso Vetri d’Arte, where passion burns eternal and illuminates the path of those who appreciate timeless art – says Pierpaolo Seguso -, who concludes: “We are pleased to share with you this flame that continues to shine in the heart of Venetian glass craftsmanship.”
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