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By Elena Barassi

Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, known as the Princess of  Valdobbiadene, leads with passion the Collalto  farm and winery, following the prints of her father, Prince Manfredo Collalto. Her loved wine? The Rosé, dedicated to her daughter Violette

Princess Isabella Collalto de Croÿ wine is a passion or something you had to manage in spite of everything?

I can say that it’s a passion that I had to manage.  As heir to my father, I was excited to attend to Collalto  who has a  centuries-old history relation with wine.

You family has an impressive family tree. How you manage your double role of princess and entrepreneur?

Belonging to a centuries-old history family means above all having many charges to people who came before and will come after. Collalto are all along agriculture managers. Now it’s my turn: I can’t separate my role as member of Collalto family and manager, they are a unique role that has to be performed with as much as possible responsibility feeling.


Which are your father traditions and values that you have inherited by him?

My father passed on essential values as effort in job and territory respect . He has taught me to pursue the improvement of our products quality and to lavish the highest energy on our company research and innovation.

Is there a wine to which you are deeply involved?

Although among our references there are vini nobili , even particularly appreciated, I like to answer the Rosè. A wine that I’ve known it since it  was born and that I have called like my daughter Violette and that is a cause of great satisfaction to me, obtaining a lot of   appreciation all over the world.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills are competing for becoming a Unesco heritage. What do you think about it?

I’m very positive!! it being understood that nobody can transform it in a museum. We have to remain deeply  involved in this region economic reality: wine, in fact, is fruit, land, agriculture but also work, industry, finance, source of well-being for all of us.

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