After the success of Perugia and Milan, Vizio brings the format that combines high quality sushi and Italian cuisine to the top floor of the Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol in Rome.

RomeThe awaited third address of the Il Vizio restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful squares in the historic center of the capital, in the heart of the Trevi district and inside the prestigious Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol. The innovative format of the Il Vizio restaurant, which has already conquered the Perugian public first and then the Milanese one, is characterized by a double culinary soul: high quality sushi and Italian cuisine. Two proposals that play the “mix and match” card well, allowing diners at the same table to draw on both menus at the same time, in a contamination of ideas, flavors and gastronomic philosophy capable of satisfying the most curious palates and guaranteeing the same time the right comfort zone. The Il Vizio brand was created by the Sirma company of the Masilla family and has its roots inRome Perugia, becoming over the years a true point of reference for those in search of a cuisine linked to the Italian tradition and at the same time wanting to experience the flavors of Orient. The high quality standards and dedication to the Japanese culinary art have made Il Vizio restaurant in Perugia a true excellence of the area, also obtaining important recognitions from the most authoritative sector guides dedicated to sushi. In 2021, the desire to make the philosophy of Il Vizio known also in other metropolises came true with the opening of what has been called the “chic living room of Milan” at the historic Hotel Sina De La Ville. And today the journey continues arriving in Rome, on the top floor of the prestigious Sina Hotels reality in Piazza Barberini. Thus, the collaboration between Sirma and the hotel group headed by the Bocca family is Romestrengthened and the mission of the Masilla team becomes increasingly clear: the desire to bring ever more quality and delicious catering to important hotels, with a high-level cuisine ranging from Italian to Japanese cuisine. On the top floor of the Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol there is the bright restaurant area with 45 seats punctuated by elegant velvet seats in a warm cobalt blue shade and tables with a linear mise en place. Characterized by a large and well-equipped open kitchen, it also has a panoramic terrace with a view of the Eternal City among its flagships. In summer, the outdoor area will dress up again to accommodate another 90 seats and tables with a refined and modern style, to make the experience at the table even more memorable. The task of making the gastronomic itinerary unforgettable was entrusted to two exceptional chefs, already known in the Capitoline gastronomic panorama: Andrea Marella, resident chef of the Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol, for the Italian cuisine line and Tetsuo Nagano for the proposal sushi and raw. Every day, Chef Marella brings to the table dishes with refined flavors that blend with specialties that recall the Roman tradition such as artichoke carbonara; cacio e pepe carnaroli rice, veal sweetbreads, coconut milk and finger lime; sea bass like a saltimbocca and Roman broccoli, lamb, artichoke alla giudia and cacio pepe sauce. Chef Nagano instead dedicates to lovers of Japanese cuisine a variety of sashimi, nigiri, gunkan, hoso maki, uramaki and a selection of oysters, all of the highest quality.
The sushi and raw proposal is currently available from Monday to Saturday for dinner only.

Ristorante Il Vizio c/o Hotel Sina Bernini Bristol- Autograph Collection
Rome, Piazza Barberini, 23

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