Located at the entrance of any public exercise, TAACFatto is able to measure body temperature in a few moments.
The thermoscanner TAACfatto is born from an idea of Marco Zorzettig, Friulian entrepreneur of wine (La Tunella and Alturis) and beer (Birra Agricola Artigianale Gjulia), in collaboration with Gimmi Bodigoi (owner of Studio SBengineering. They developed and filed the patent of a health protection software. Knowing that one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is fever was the starting point for the creation of TAACfatto, a column equipped with a scanner capable of measuring body temperature and, if necessary, blocking access to the room. Quick to install and connect, TaacFatto takes up little space and avoids the use of staff at the entrance. It has a basic cost of approximately € 2,500.00 which can be included among the expenses that benefit from the tax breaks (50% deduction) provided for by the Budget Law 2020 as it is considered a “Safety Device”. Designed primarily for public businesses, TAACfatto can also be used in other areas. Such as stadiums, sports halls, swimming pools, shopping centers and any other place where customary gatherings occur. In addition to the basic version, there is also a PLUS model equipped with a turnstile, the opening of which is obviously subject to the appropriate temperature detected. The columns can be sold all over the world and it have the CE mark. For more info: taacfatto.com.
For other information and technological innovations: www.trameetech.it

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