An innovative water taxi called Thunder points the way to a more sustainable lifestyle. The project is by the Venetian studio Nuvolari Lenard.
Thunder       Thunder
The Venetian studio Nuvolari Lenard has completed the project of a pioneering water taxi that will help preserve the historic city through the use of “green” technologies, to which must be added the studio’s recognized attention to detail and elegant finishes. A project that takes on an almost symbolic value in a moment like the one we are experiencing, in which we have the opportunity to direct our choices towards a more sustainable way of life. In this perspective, the choice to base this project on a hybrid engine is a fundamental component. Carlo Nuvolari, his partner Dan Lenard and their team have designed this new project that wants to have a strong impact not only on their Venetian community, but also throughout the yachting world. Venice therefore as an ideal laboratory for modern technologies capable of guaranteeing minimal environmental impact and which, in the Nuvolari Lenard project, are combined with elegant and classic lines and with the use of wood. Thunder’s first unit, the 14-seater hybrid water taxi, was built by the Vizianello shipyard in Venice. Here the mechanical and electronic coupling system of the hybrid system was developed which, after a test period of about a year, obtained complete approval by the classification bodies. It is therefore a product that is now marketable and no longer an experimental prototype. While the on-board technology is very modern, a great effort has been made to respect the stylistic tradition of the classic water taxis for which Venice is famous: for this reason the new design uses traditional wooden materials with the addition of some modernizations.
Thunder       Thunder

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