Hotels become temporary offices with DayBreakHotels, the start-up that allows you to book hotel rooms and services during the day.
DayBreakHotels       DayBreakHotels
Smart working also conquers the hotel industry. Smart working finally becomes comfortable and arrives in hotels thanks to, the start-up born in 2014 to make luxury hotel rooms and services available in daytime in 16 countries around the world. An innovation, that of DayBreakHotels, which has revolutionized the concept of hotel itself, aiming to maximize the use of rooms and services, which become accessible not only for overnight stays and not only for tourists but also during the day, for city ​​residents or day travelers. With the Coronavirus emergency, DayBreakHotels has decided to innovate again and put itself at the service of hotel structures, transforming them into an agile workplace. You can recreate your working environment in a luxurious hotel room with high standards of hygiene and compliance with sanitation protocols: room with desk and wi-fi, business areas perfect for meetings and conference calls, the possibility of taking a break taking advantage of hotel services such as gym, swimming pool, gardens and restaurants. In short, hotels become a valid alternative to work from home, often too chaotic to manage and not very efficient. There are more than 5000 structures affiliated to DayBreakHotels in Italy and worldwide. The rooms and apartments are bookable for smart working with discounted prices up to 70% compared to the night booking. For 1 day (from € 49.00 with time from 8 to 20), 1 working week (from € 199.00 for 5 days) or even 1 month. Info:

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