The new proposal of food supplements with an innovative formulation by Naturadika containing only natural active ingredients in the optimal concentration and the medical center of Palazzo di Varignana dedicated to the development of medical therapies for personal care and for the well-being of guests


A young Spanish company born in 2013, Naturadika presents an offer of plant-based food supplements, with a single protagonist in the formulation: the active ingredient. It is a wide range of highly innovative food supplements that act in an effective and totally natural way on the body to maximize its intrinsic qualities. Three, the areas of intervention of Naturadika supplements: Beauty, through nutricosmetic products that act from the inside to ensure a visible external result with respect to the health of hair, skin and nails. Weight control and maintenance, thanks to a complete line of supplements which, associated with each stage and goal of the weight loss process, allow for consistent long-term results. The enhancement of mental and physical energy, guaranteed by various supplements with specific functions, for him and for her, which contribute to the achievement of complete psycho-physical well-being. After a long and careful research on the purifying power of the elements present in nature, Naturadika has created and included in its line dedicated to the control and maintenance of weight Magrifit Detox. A soluble formula that prepares the body for the start of a controlled diet and purifies the body of accumulated toxins. Totally free of chemical additives, gluten, lactose, sugar, GMOs, dyes and magnesium stearate, it contains 6 powerful ingredients with scientifically proven effects that contribute to a double action. Diuretic action: promotes the elimination of excess fluids thanks to Artichoke and Horsetail and helps to redefine the silhouette thanks to Cactinea (Prickly Pear) which reduces the waistline by up to 1.4 cm in 4 weeks. Purifying action: promotes the elimination of accumulated toxins thanks to Milk Thistle and Matè.


Palazzo di Varignana expands its range of services by presenting the medical center dedicated to the development of medical therapies for personal care and for the well-being of the guests of the Resort. Under the guidance of Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, activity and treatment programs dedicated to stimulating the immune response, promoting metabolic activity and fighting oxidative stress are launched: Oxygen Ozone therapy, IV Therapy, Nature Therapy, are just some of the proposed activities . There are two paths to choose from to combine body care with the discovery of a different psychophysical balance. Immuno Defense: a complete well-being program designed to counter the weakening of our natural defenses, restore their proper functioning and keep the immune system in an optimal state. Detox: designed to purify the body, thanks to a series of activities aimed at restore the natural balance between body and mind, gaining energy and vitality aiming to regain one’s natural physical shape. Together with peculiar activities, specific to each package, each program is associated with a carefully balanced menu with a low glycemic impact, which does not renounces the taste and pleasure of the table. The menus aim to stimulate metabolic function and counteract oxidative stress. Each program includes Nature Therapy sessions. In fact, exposure to natural stimuli using the five senses has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a state of relaxation – which reconciles rest – and immune function.

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