Essence of Gold Sturgeon, the third luxurious collection of the Elixir des Glaciers, is inspired by the Marine Universe for regenerated, young and radiant skin.
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Essence of Gold Sturgeon gives radiance and a newfound luminosity to the skin, remineralized by rare marine trace elements and rejuvenated by the rare and precious DNA of sturgeon, an animal that enjoys an unusually long existence, often reaching and sometimes exceeding a century of life. The two exceptional textures that make up the collection created by Sophie Vann Guillon are Fluide Merveilleux and Crème Merveilleuse. The formulation is based on sturgeon DNA, specifically on a molecule that the Valmont laboratories have managed to extract from male gametes and which offers a concentrated dose of youth to illuminate all skin types. Additionally, alongside two types of sturgeon DNA, Essence Of Gold Sturgeon integrates three bioavailable minerals into its formula. Fluide Merveilleux is a real beauty potion that blends with the skin thanks to its extra-fine and silky texture created with the technology of nanoemulsions. It is a regenerating, remineralizing and illuminating face
essenceessence, a complete anti-aging product that works as a pre-serum and is applied to the face and neck morning and evening (100 ml pump bottle – € 305.00). Créme Merveilleuse, iridescent, regenerating, remineralizing, illuminating, smoothing and plumping face cream, is a prestigious complete anti-aging product that also reduces skin discoloration. Apply morning and evening after the Fluid and / or a serum by massaging on the face and neck with smoothing movements (Jar 50 ml – € 870.00). To celebrate the source cell of life and beauty, Didier Guillon has created an artistic, refined and precious packaging for Crème Merveilleuse, available in an exclusive limited edition of only 50 pieces. The President and Artistic Director of the Valmont Group offers his artistic interpretation of the cell with an 18-karat gold sphere that contains the sumptuous Essence of Gold Sturgeon’s Crème Merveilleuse and can be refilled (
essence           essence

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