With renewed furnishings and concept, the historic Pasticceria Macioce in Alvito reopened on 19 March. The pastry shop has always been a point of reference for all those looking for excellent and unique products.

Pasticceria VMThe Pasticceria Macioce  has an ancient history. We are in Alvito, Lazio, in the Comino Valley surrounded by the Abruzzo and Molise Apennines. The horizon is that of Ciociaria on the border with Abruzzo and Alvito is the sweet heart of these lands, with a long tradition of master pastry chefs behind it and a shining present of high artisan pastry. Here, at the beginning of viale dei Platani, beyond the stone arch is the Macioce pastry shop. The name refers to the initials of the founder, Vittorio Macioce, the man who in the 1930s renewed the Pasticceria VMAlvita school of Neapolitan origin, combining the classic Alvito nougat (white marzipan, candied fruit and icing) with marzipan nougat with chocolate, Regina nougat, Croccantino. Today the pastry shop is ready for a generational change, the third, which reformulates its history in a more modern key without however forgetting, but rather emphasizing it, its past. Thus continuing to create excellent and unique products, in which the very high quality of the raw materials blends with the craftsmanship and ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation up to Eleonora Macioce, great-granddaughter of Vittorio. Always involved in the family business, Eleonora has now taken it over completely and continues to take care of the pastry shop starting from the laboratory, while her sister Elisabetta takes care of the products and marketing. Among the novelties of the historic shop there are instead a modernization of the premises and of the production laboratory and smarter management, which provides, in addition to the take-away service, also the delivery service throughout Italy. Almonds, cherries that grow in the family garden and chocolate with Criollo cocoa beans, the finest Pasticceria VMin the world, are the 3 magical ingredients of Pasticceria Macioce, whose history is linked, as mentioned, to the ingenious interpretation of almonds by master pastry chef Vittorio Macioce. The flagship product is the Alvito Ducato Torrone, whose trademark was registered in 2014: delicate marzipan covered with fine chocolate that meets ingredients such as cherries, pistachios, pine nuts, hazelnuts, bergamot, rum, coffee, gianduia, cocoa, in a series of variations with a unique and well-defined personality. The result of an accurate and limited artisan production, the one reserved for a luxury dessert, represents excellence in Italy, in the world and even in space, having been selected as a dessert for the astronauts’ lunch on the orbiting station during the mission Eneide of 2005 within the program “Food tray in space”. Among the typical sweets based on almonds there are Quaresimali andPasticceria VM Ducatini, soft pastries made with Sicilian almonds peeled and refined with sugar and egg white to which cherry jam is added. Pigne are typically Easter sweets and have a manufacturing process similar to that of donuts even if the dough is richer, as sometimes raisins and candied fruit are added. The dimensions are comparable to those of a panettone. Typical Easter sweets are also the Caciate, made up of ravioli-shaped shortcrust pastry filled with ricotta topped with sugar, small pieces of chocolate, candied fruit and various flavourings. Do not miss the cakes with cream and butter, a classic of the Alvita tradition: sponge cake soaked in rum and stuffed with custard; for the coverage, a cream is made which is also used for decoration. Pasticceria Macioce also dedicates a part of its production to savory products with delicious specialties such as Timballetti of puff pastry with “fini fini” and Neapolitan ragout; Rustic pizza with savory shortbread and ricotta filling, béchamel, meatballs; Savory croissants with Norwegian salmon, lamb’s lettuce and salted butter or other flavors of your
Pasticceria VMchoice.

VM Macioce Pasticceria Gelateria
Piazza Umberto I, 31 – 03041 Alvito (FR)
Ph 0776-510617 | Whatsapp: 338.9622816
email pasticceriavm@gmail.com
website: https://www.maciocepasticceria.it
IG: @pasticceriavmacioce | FB: @PasticceriaVm Macioce

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