The gourmet proposal of the Feuerstein Resort is entrusted to the internal Artifex restaurant and to the two exclusive tasting itineraries created by the talented Chef Tina Marcelli.

Designed to let you discover the culinary traditions of the area with a more contemporary and fanciful approach, the two exclusive tasting itineraries of the Artifex gourmet restaurant of the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort, in the Val di Fleres, represent a veritable diary of Chef Tina Marcelli’s memories. An intimate multi-sensory story – savored, watched and listened to – which pays homage to the land where Tina grew up and also to her family, because the roots and essence of the places and people who have contributed to creating recipes are clearly evident in every dish clear, direct, gritty. Only five tables at the ArtifexArtifex restaurant, for a fine dining proposal that represents a culinary journey in the company of the Chef and her almost all-female brigade. In Tina’s dishes there is the exaltation of traditional work, regional products and the “knowledge” of home, where she took her first steps in the world of gastronomic art handed down from her father and where she treasured the advice of her grandmother of 94 years, with his tireless hands at the stove. With the same passion and dedication, Tina brings two tasting courses, 5 and 8 courses, to the Artifex tables, in a real culinary and sentimental journey in the lands of South Tyrol, with creative ethnic incursions. It starts with a frothy butter like a soft cloud to spread on naturally leavened potato bread and continues with the Chef’s signature dishes such as beef tartare, cauliflower, fir oil and some new entries such as wild herb risotto with whey milk or Fried veal Artifexsweetbreads with potatoes and chicory. The sorbet is an aromatic passage that leads to the desserts, including the ever-present chocolate cigar, beer, raisins and caramel, a true pastry masterpiece. The guidelines of the Artifex menu are represented by the concepts of micro-seasonality and sustainabilit.
(The five-course menu is available at €95.00 per person, the eight-course menu at €140.00 per person. For resort guests €75.00 or €95.00 per person as a Artifexsupplement on the room rate ).


Artifex gourmet restaurant

Feuerstein Nature Family Resort
Monday for lunch (from 12 to 15)
From Thursday to Sunday for dinner only (from 7 to 11 pm)
Brenner Pass, Val di Fleres 185


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