Thanks to Caviar Milan and Saffron Milan, the black gold of the Caspian Sea and the luxurious red spice create a real bridge between two cultures. And Caviar Milan opens the first Iranian caviar boutique.

caviarCaviar Milan opens the first Iranian caviar boutique and the black gold of the Caspian Sea finds a home in via della Moscova, in the heart of Milan. Leading the development of the brand is Mahsa Mehrnam, a 36-year-old Iranian entrepreneur originally from Tehran, who has now been permanently in Italy for three years. The opening of the store comes just one year after the start of thecaviar business, which until now had developed mainly on online channels thanks to the intuition that comes from the deep bond with the homeland of Mahsa Mehrnam, General Manager of Caviar Milan. And now it’s the turn of the boutique, which represents a unicum in the Italian and international market, as well as a cultural bridge between Italy and ancient Persia. There are five very fine types of caviar: Royal Baerii, one of the smallest sturgeons; Royal Beluga, largest sturgeon; Imperial Beluga, which comes from two purebred Huso specimens; the new Imperial Osetra caviar and finally the Almas Beluga, the finest caviar on the market. Bred in Iran, on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, the sturgeons selected by Caviar Milan swim in ad hoc tanks, in which their natural habitat has been recreated. The farms respect an eco-oriented approach and the packaging is caviargreen-friendly and reusable: a vintage raw paper on the outside, while a thermal coating on the inside that guarantees absolute freshness. In the first Caviar Milan boutique it is also possible to buy other Persian products such as Saffron Milan of the Super Negin type imported directly from the city of Torbat-e-Heydarieh, in the province of Razavi Khorasan. In the boutique you can also find blue salt, one of the finest in the world, extracted from the mines of Iran. The special Beluga caviar butter, Caviar Keta Salmon and a selection of Beluga Vodka complete the range of the boutique’s offer. Finally, for a perfect combination with caviar, the focus is on the range of Champagne Maison Marguerite Guyot, present with four types: thecaviar Cuvée Désir (100% Pinot Meunier), the Cuvée Fleur de Flo (Rosè 30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, 30 % Pinot Meunier, 10% Coteaux Champenois aged in oak barrels), the Cuvée Passion (100% Pinot Noir) and the Cuvée Seduction (Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay). Even the design and construction of the Caviar Milan boutique in via della Moscova is entirely female, thanks to Devoto Design by the architect sisters Marianna and Cecilia Devoto of Cisterna di Latina.
Caviar Milan
Milan, Via della Moscova 27
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