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Golden label, transparent bottle, and inside, the golden yellow of Otten, made of 100% Trebbiano: from April 10th to 13th, Otten will be presented to Vinitaly visitors at booth B10 in Palaexpo – Lombardy Region.”The first time we made Otten,” says the owner of Cantina San Michele in Monte Netto, Mario Danesi, “it was a real surprise. The vintage that year, 2012, was unusual from a climatic point of view. The absence of rainfall, the sunny days and the very humid nights allowed noble rot to develop on the grapes, convincing us to wait until mid-November to harvest some of the Trebbiano vineyards. The wine was first aged in concrete tanks for a year, followed by a second aging for just as long in the bottle”. Otten is a Trebbiano wine that has matured three years since the time of its harvest. Featuring a beautiful deep yellow color, it starts off with a distinct scent of saffron, followed by elegant hints of spices and tropical fruits: a remarkable aromatic richness that has been achieved without using a wooden barrel. The alcohol content is limited to 12.5 percent.
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