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You know: Tv’s are something more than an electrical appliance. They are real objects of design, and Samsung – which is the Tv leader in sales – produced a screen that really makes furniture. It’s called Serif TV, it was born from a collaboration with the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and is now on display exclusively in selected sales Molteni & C points and Vitra in Italy. The difference with the latest generation of screens is that Serif TV introduces a new TV concept “firmly rooted in the reality of living”. That is: it is equipped with the best technology and it is also the result of a study of its interaction with the surrounding space. During the entire design and development process, the Bouroullec brothers have created numerous designs, elaborate 3D computing and a series of wooden models and clay, which represented a decisive stage of the research, before the transition to the advanced prototypes. Seen from the front, Serif TV is characterized by a single continuous frame, monochromatic and well-defined shape. The profile takes the shape of a capital “I” of the serif font typeface, with the top of the exile body that widens to form a surface similar to a shelf, while the lower part serves as a support base. The use of supplementary legs allows use of the Tv that can be moved and positioned on the floor, even in the middle of the room, adapting better to the different situations. Also standard interface and experience were reviewed, adding a transitional mode between standby status and normal vision. It’s called “curtain mode” (or virtual curtain) and in this mode the contents are like hidden behind a silent and abstract filter, which gives the TV a discreet role, but at the same time active. A fabric panel hides the connectors and cables on the back, giving a linear and elegant from any observation point and at any location within the room. And the fabric pattern, designed to address the impact of the user interface in the drop down curtain mode, is coordinated with the Tv color. The complete range consists of three models: Samsung TV Serif, Serif Medium TV available in white and dark blue colors and Serif TV Mini version in white and red colors. These recommended prices:

  • Samsung Serif TV (40″ UHD): 1499 euro
  • Serif TV Medium (32″ FHD): 999 euro
  • Serif TV Mini (24″ HD): 699 euro
    Ronan ed Erwan Bouroullec                                    samsung-serif-range




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