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di Elena Barassi

Rachel Bell, Color & Materials Designer Microsoft Devices, in Milan during the Design week presents the last project made in Microsoft with the cooperation of Alcantara. It’s the Signature Type Cover, the new luxury cover for Surface Pro 4 which combines the aesthetic of Finnish minimalist style to Alcantara, two-tone gray mélange fabric, hand made in Italy.

How did you identify the Surface Pro 4 as the device for this design and luxury cover?

I first came across Alcantara at Premier Vision in 2007 when I was in fashion school. From the first time I touched it, the feel of this material amazed me. Plus the two tone effect, no one does that and it is just beautiful. I’ve been looking for a reason to work with Alcantara and when I saw the beautiful design work on the Surface Pro 4, I knew it was time.

What led you to choose this material for the cover?

This material feels amazing and is very durable. You wouldn’t expect it to be manmade. You’d expect it to be natural like silk or leather, but it is engineered and if a material has been engineered, there is much more opportunity to innovate and work with it to bring together the necessary characteristics. In this case, we are able to provide a beautiful, luxurious, durable result that even ages well, like your favorite leather jacket.

Design and Technology of the cover: which countries inspired you?

Well the minimalistic style that is at the heart of Finland design inspired me to let the simplicity and material stand on its own. Finnish design really does pride itself on making everyday objects beautiful. And of course working in Italy is wonderfully inspiring.

Why did you choose Italy for the global preview?

Well with Milan Design Week happening and Alcantara being an Italian material, it was a natural decision. This last Milan Design Week was one of the most interesting and diverse crowds I’ve ever been lucky to be a part of. Very inspirational.

Which countries do you believe will be the most interested such a high positioned cover?

You know, I am not sure but I sure am excited to see!

Credits: Microsoft Devices

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