After the success of the first models with ozone sanitization system, Ludovica Mascheroni offers Ozone Cabinet, the ideal solution also for the smallest spaces of homes or boutiques.
Ozone Cabinet       Ozone Cabinet
In addition to automatic internal LED lights on opening, the Ozone Cabinet trunks have an ozone sanitization system. The sanitation program is started through a touch-screen display which adjusts the duration and, for the trunk with double door, the activation of a single module or both simultaneously. Ozone escapes from the grills located at the top of the sanitiser. Two electromagnets allow the hermetic closure of the leaves once the program is activated and a special gasket blocks the escape of air. This system wraps clothes, accessories and shoes, eliminating 99% of bacteria in a few minutes and in an ecological way. You can activate the program at any time of the day, for infinite times, for a duration of your choice. As well as the other products by Ludovica Mascheroni, an Italian brand specialized in luxury furniture and interior design, also the Ozone Cabinet trunks are highly customizable according to the needs of space and aesthetics, combining high technology with Made in Italy design. This new collection of trunks is available with double door (120 x 60 x 190) or single door (80 x 60 x 200) in different materials and essences: elegant oak, warm black walnut, light pinstripe (the “pinstripe” effect is given by the alternation of coloring of the eucalyptus wood: dark gray alternating with light gray), dark pinstripe (given by the alternation of ebony, dark brown, and walnut, light brown), or covered in leather with details in bronzed brass or nubuck. Finally, it is possible to customize the trunk thanks to a print on wood.
Ozone Cabinet       Ozone Cabinet

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