The D White line by Dermophisiologique was born from cutting-edge dermocosmetic research, to prevent and mitigate skin hyperchromias.

D WhiteProlonged or frequent exposure to UV rays (solar or artificial), pregnancy and hormonal changes, photosensitizing drugs and cosmetics, skin microtrauma or abrasions, dermabrasive beauty treatments – such as peeling, laser, waxing -, surgical treatments and skin aging. These are the main factors that determine the appearance of spots on our skin. Dermophisiologique, an Italian company specialized for over 40 years in dermatological and scientific research for the creation of cosmetic products and treatment methods related to skin physiology, has selected active ingredients aimed at attenuating existing extended and localized skin hyperchromias, preventing the development of new and support the anti-aging action by protecting all skin structures from the action of free radicals. Thus was born D White Face Lightening Cream, a lightening, uniforming and illuminating emulsion with a light texture that is rapidly absorbed. Its formula contains Arbutin and Azaleic Acid complexed in cyclodextrins: a vehicle that allows to protect the active ingredients ensuring a precise and prolonged release on the melanocyte. The action of Arbutin and Azelaic Acid inhibits the production of melanin and progressively
D White attenuates localized and extensive spots. In addition, the innovative combination of stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E guarantees a synergistic antioxidant effect that prevents damage caused by free radicals by reducing the amount of oxygen at the base of melanin formation. The presence of Jojoba Oil and Hyaluronic Acid also ensures an intense restructuring action of the lipid and moisturizing barrier. D White Face Lightening Cream is applied morning and evening with a light massage on the areas affected by dark spots and discoloration and can be used in combination with anti-aging products and Dermophisiologique sun protection for an enhanced result. The cream is also ideal as a maintenance after depigmenting or dermabrasive aesthetic treatments (50 ml – € 79.00).
Since 2015, Dermophisiologique has been the first cosmetic company in the world to be a Benefit Company, Certified B Corp: a new business model, more sustainable and capable of regenerating the environment and society. The company’s claim is #diamovoceallatuapelle.

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