Thanks to Lookiero, the first e-personal shopping service in Europe, the moment of purchasing garments to wear becomes innovative, comfortable and fun.

LookieroA new concept of shopping that has conquered more than 3 million customers – there are currently many registered users in Europe – and which allows you to live in complete relaxation the moment we realize that our wardrobe really needs a nice ” refreshed “. In fact, think of the priceless convenience of having one of the more than 200 Lookiero Personal Shoppers who guide us in creating a well thought-out wardrobe made up of pieces designed to be combined with each other, chosen according to our preferences of shapes, colors and sizes. A service, that of the style consultant, which becomes democratic and benefits from the support of artificial intelligence. An innovative and winning system that in Italy earned the brand the BEST NEXT GEN award at the 2021 Retail Awards. And for 2022, which coincides with its sixth birthday, Lookiero has new features in store for users to make it even more personalized and efficient shopping experience. All this in a very simple way: thanks to the compilation of your style profile on the website, you can trace an identikit useful for the Personal Shopper to create the selectionLookiero of proposals, prepared and sent in a surprise box delivered to your home in a few days, with attention to every detail and complete with lookbook, a mini mix & match guide to make the most of the garments. This formula also has the advantage of helping to better evaluate the purchase, mixing the contents of the box with each other but also combining them with those already present in our wardrobe. To decide what to keep and what to return. It is therefore possible to buy one or more than one, with a 25% discount if you take the whole box. In addition, the first return, if Lookierototal, is free. The Lookiero garments that you receive come from a constant research and selection of brands: today there are over 150 brands in the samples available to style professionals. Sizes available from XS to 4XL – with attention therefore also to the “curvy” world – and 3 price ranges that help you orient yourself according to your budget. Born from the mind of Oier Urrutia in July 2015, Lookiero (a fusion between look and quiero that is the look I want) is present in 8 European countries: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Italy and Germany. In addition to the headquarters in Bilbao, it has four very important offices located in the fashion capitals: Paris, Madrid, London and from this year also in Milan, in the Isola district.

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