Have you always dreamed of becoming a lighthouse keeper for one night? Here is a selection of the most picturesque around the world offering an incredible mix of maritime tradition, endless panoramas and splendid seaside escapes.
Thanks to the Airbnb Categories, which allow you to identify millions of splendid accommodations around the world by dividing them into over 60 different types based on style, location and other determining factors, there is also the possibility of finding the perfect lighthouse to experience the experience of guardian of the sea immersed in an absolutely special atmosphere and design. Here is a selection that ranges from the coasts of the Atlantic in the United States to the coasts of the United Kingdom and Europe.

Tobermoy, Scotland

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Säffle, Sweden

Acapulco de Juárez, Mexico

Isleornsay, Scotland

Pocasset, United States

Lusby, United States

Winterton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Eagle River, United States


Lighthouse accommodations are featured in the Towers and Wow! categories. on Airbnb.

Cover photo: Douglas Head, cliff on the Isle of Man
United States


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