Meeting with Marina Milani, the most exclusive club managing director for lonely hearts. Which, trust me, in Italy has many more women in. Men … do your thing!

Berkeley International Berkeley International

Marina Milani is a beautiful blonde woman whom I meet in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Milan. She smiles as her eyes scan looking for me to focus on my emotions. And in a moment I understand that, beyond the extremely mild-mannered and polite, Marina is an empathetic person, able to enter into the deep of people and grasp their essence. At the head of the Italian Berkeley International division, the most exclusive dating agency in the world with offices in Europe, USA and Australia, Marina told me everything about the most glamorous match making in the planet. First of all it must be said that it is not for everyone. With the upstream selection that has already been made with a 15,000 Euros entrance fee. And this brings up Marina who after some talks strictly in top secret location draws up a list of possible candidates that cover, depending on the interest shown by the candidate, all the other offices worldwide. On the whole, it must be said, people is looking for kindness and education, persons with savoir faire, who care about the family concept – not to speak serial traitors – and above all to get along with the family of origin.

Berkeley International  Berkeley International

Clearly this last point is especially true for Italians, or rather the Italian ladies since the agency currently has in Italy a majority of women members in search of the person who knows how to make them happy for eternity.The secret of the success, which occurs in 90% of cases, is that all the variables are screened and especially the innermost desires of each candidate. Although in general there are some recurring themes. As the searching for sports people, absolutely not possessive and otherwise who know already feel good about themselves, managing to combine work with private life. Not always easy, as we’re talking about business leaders, CEOs, lawyers and notaries with a very busy professional life. But they are looking for someone that breaches in their hearts and who can share their free time with joy. What shines through, Marina continues, it is that “here people are not looking for the one spot meeting, the hit and run but a rewarding and lasting relationship over time.” And with 5,000 members worldwide the chance is very, very high. Marina greets me with these last words “Berkeley is a challenge for me, a passion. I meet different people, all special and unique and my daily work with professionalism and discretion is to make their way to love pleasant and exciting “and I know that this is the truth. Credits: Berkeley International Info:

Berkeley International Berkeley International

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