Only for him the last fragrance Amouage, Beach Hut Man. From now in the exclusive GoldOclock e-boutique too.
Beach Hut           Beach Hut
Mysterious and enigmatic, but at the same time dull. A bit like its author, in short. Beach Hut Man, the last (only in a temporal sense) perfume from the Midnight Flower collection by Amouage, “is the story of a sparkling, idyllic aroma that is born in the fresh and lush garden of a beach depandance,” explains creative director brand, Christopher Chong. “A fragrance that frees the senses and awakens emotions while exploring the inebriating sensation of the beach in the hypnotic moments of sunset.” The story of Beach Hut opens with a carefree mix of mint, orange and galbone flower that emanate from reading well-known green and sweet floral tones dampened by the most sensual musk. More deeply you will encounter the fresh and woody tones of vetiver and the notes of musk and ivy. And as the sun falls on the horizon at the end of the day, the fragrance releases its seductive trail of patchouli, myrrh and dry woods that evoke the evanescent amber sky. The Midnight Flower collection also includes the Bracken and Sunshine scents and the ‘Hope’, ‘Love’, ‘Happy’, ‘Smile’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Sassy’ candles with home sprays. Featured at the Amouage flagship store in Rome and Milan, Beach Hut (€ 280.00 – 100 ml) is now available at a selected perfumery network and in the exclusive e-boutique of avant-garde luxury GoldOclock by Leonardo Catalani.
Beach Hut           Beach Hut

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