Steeped in history and tradition, the Auberge de la Maison in Entrèves welcomes you like a warm and reassuring nest in timeless elegance.
Auberge de la Maison       Auberge de la Maison
Nestled in the picturesque village of Entrèves – a few kilometers from the center of Courmayeur – and surrounded by a panorama “blessed” by the beauty and majesty of Mont Blanc, the Auberge de la Maison immediately enchants with its sense of elegant hospitality but without ostentation, perfect in every detail and at the same time familiar. A haven where you feel at ease at home, a class hotel where everything is designed with the heart to make your stay pleasant and harmonious. The heart is that of Alessandra Garin, the perfect hostess, whose “courtesies for the guests” remain indelible in the memory of those who stay in this large house in stone and wood that manages to blend perfectly with the surrounding nature and that inside It offers truly invaluable treats, such as the precious collections of paintings and period objects, the original prints that tell the tradition of the
Auberge de la Maisonso-called Mountain Menu and the objects of the past wisely recovered as evidence of a strongly and fiercely alpine atmosphere but with strong vocation to hospitality and bien vivre. Just the Mountain Menu become the opportunity to propose to the guests of the Auberge a journey into the past and Aosta Valley hospitality and to retrace the evolution of the mountain itself: from a place excluded from tourist itineraries to become, in the ‘700, a very pleasant as frequented destination for the holiday. An evolution well documented by newspaper articles, stories, prints and even those menus that mountain hotels studied specifically for their guests. An important historical and social heritage that allows Alessandra Garin to revive the elegant holiday experience to guests who want it, including beauties to look at and goodness to taste, with a lot of Consommé à l’Imperiale or Truite frite à la Maitre d’Hôtel or even Plombière Mont-Blanc. In short, a Maison whose great charm is breathed in every environment. In the 33 rooms
Auberge de la Maison       Auberge de la Maison
all different from one another and all extremely accurate furnishings, unique in their individual features but united by warm environments and the view of a panorama that ranges from the valley of Courmayeur to the Mont Blanc massif to the Brenva glacier and of course the alpine village of Entrèves. But also in the common areas, including fireplaces and tiled stoves, in Le petit Abri or in the delightful Maison d’Eau, which features a wellness area, a small indoor and outdoor heated pool and treatment cabins. As well as in the Aubergine restaurant (also open to external guests), where the fragrant larch wood from the Aosta Valley and the large central fireplace provide an ideal backdrop to a modern culinary offer based on local products and whose terrace allows, in the summer, to taste the dishes of traditional local cuisine even outdoors.
Auberge de la Maison       Auberge de la Maison

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