Tea and infusions of the purest quality and contemporary design give life to Tea Forté, chosen by the best luxury hotels, restaurants and patisseries around the world.
Tea Forté       Tea Forté
Created in 2003 by American designer Peter Hewitt and distributed today in 35 countries, Tea Forté combines the passion for oriental tea culture with the elegant and functional design of packaging and accessories. It was in fact after having discovered the complexity of the fragrances and the art of the tea ceremony in Asian tea houses that Hewitt decided to reinterpret this true experience in a contemporary key. He consulted chefs and experts all over the world and then created innovative and very pure mixes, with whole leaves and coarsely cut herbs and flowers. Today Tea Forté presents a palette of 85 different fragrances subdivided into black, green, white, oloong, red and flavored infusions and alongside classic blends
Tea Fortésuch as English Breakfast or Earl Gray, it offers award-winning and special blends, such as Vanilla Pearl, with lit ginger and lemongrass, Moroccan Mint, or White Ambrosia, with white tea leaves embellished with the flavors of vanilla and coconut. The iconic pyramid filters – crowned with a leaflet, symbol of the brand – are handmade and allow mixtures of leaves, fruits and flowers to blend in the best way, creating an exquisitely aromatic tea. For a complete exprience, Tea Forté is accompanied by a range of design accessories, such as ceramic cups and a small infusion tray. Designed with an eye to the hospitality sector are the Kitchen Stands, the Presentation Box for tea bags and the Tea Menu Cover, which can be customized (also online) with tea papers (teaforte.it).
Tea Forté       Tea Forté

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