Give perfumes is never trivial and the right fragrance, carefully chosen, lights up the atmosphere of the festivities and warms the heart of those who receive it as a gift.
Acqua dell’Elba has enclosed the notes of the aromas of its land in the Arcipelago fragrances, to recreate a fantasy world made up of dream places and where the sea is the absolute protagonist. Arcipelago Woman is a fresh, flowery and sensual feminine accord, with fruity notes of lemon, mandarin and apricot; floral notes of jasmine, helichrysum, acacia and orange flowers; woody notes of cedar, strawberry tree and musk. Arcipelago Man is a spicy, flowery, woody accord, with spicy notes of sage, pepper and rosemary; floral notes of lily of the valley and jasmine; woody and woody notes of Mediterranean woods, cedar wood and cypress. (Eau de Parfum 100 ml € 74.00, 50 ml € 53.00 – Eau de Toilette 100 ml € 64.00, 50 ml € 47.00).
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Arquiste proposes his latest mysterious and carnal fragrance, Misfit. Based on patchouli combined with French lavender, musk amber and exotic balms, it tells the idea that things go out of style and then return to forcefully revive. Carlos Huber, creative director of the brand, says that the fragrance tells “the trends that emerge from the center of the scene to flow off to the margins of society and then return to it. On making attractive again what had lost interest. The concept is not to follow a trend, but to stay out of it and affirm the elegance of patchouli in our own way”. Created in collaboration with Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Misfit is an amber, warm and voluptuous essence: the exclusive notes of a patchouli obtained by combining two fractionated essences are combined with the essence of Calabrian bergamot, carrot seeds, angelica root and French lavender and it is defined with heart notes based on Bulgarian rose and absolute ambrette. (Eau de Parfum 100 ml, € 170.00).
Parfums de Marly dedicates his latest Kalan fragrance to the contemporary man, to a lover of rare materials, to a lover of euphoria that makes contradiction and freedom its luxury and privilege. An extremely recognizable scent and easy adoption that enhances the skin. It is a musky woody fougère where an extraordinarily fresh initial note of red orange, black pepper and spice gives a burst of energy. The agreement between lavender and essential oil of orange blossom is released evoking the majesty of French formal gardens (Eau de Parfum 75 ml, € 210.00).
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Rancé 1795 lights up Christmas with the latest creation of its Impériale Collection, to which it adds a meditative and elegant touch. Sharisme Insensé, a masculine eau de parfum, chypre aromatica, is the result of a special collaboration between Giovanni Rancé, CEO and Creative Director of Rancé 1795, and Maurizio Cerizza, recognized among the leading exponents of International Artistic Perfumery. The pyramid of the fragrance has a sophisticated structure, which includes a meditative note of incense, deep leather accents and the aroma of pine and juniper berries. The mysterious richness of aromatic woods, illuminated by incenses and heated by amber and soft leather, releases meditative energy. The very expression of the Charism.
Tiziana Terenzi introduces her latest creations Siené and Borea, Extrait de Parfums dedicated to the hypnotic force of real journeys in the beauty of Italian territories. Siené talks to us about Siena, one of the symbolic cities of the Renaissance: it opens with woody top notes in memory of the Tuscan wood such as juniper cypress, olive and poplar bark; in the heart echoes the red patchouli of India mixed with the mysticism of frank incense and myrrh in strong counterpoint with the Tuscan leather; the base opens with the sour sweetness of Tuscan acacia honey, combined with the sweating strength of ambergris, mixed with the strength of sandalwood and Oudh, in order to guarantee a persistence and a trail until the next day (100 ml. € 170,00). In the second stage of the journey of Tiziana Terenzi the theme becomes sweet and romantic with
perfumesBorea, who transports to Sanremo, the beautiful city of flowers overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio. The head rests on a bed made of millions of petals of precious flowers, but the heart is the true essence of this Extrait de Parfums, where the persuasiveness and hypnotic seduction of jasmine is combined with the precious tuberose, enriched by the strength of the bouquet headed by freesia and musk rose in counterpoint with the lily of the valley, black magnolia, able to bloom only once every two years, and the white iris. The entire fragrance is supported by solid foundations that guarantee the bases on precious woods, including the Indian sandalwood and the Oak Musk, softened however by the delicacy emphasized by the Musk (100 ml. € 170.00).
From the sophisticated and natural allure of Rancé Nature Cosmétique comes the Collection Noël 2019, which reinterprets the iconic Bio-Cosmétique and Nature-Écologie lines with creativity and a luminous touch and is enriched with the preciousness of the noble Colonies Eau de Plaisir, in harmony between Naturalness and Excellence, key values ​​of the Maison. The new reinterpretation of the RNC1838 lines plays with combinations. Boîte Noël are cardboard boxes decorated in gold and white pearl and an organza bow that recalls the festive atmosphere of Christmas, featuring Nature-Écologie, Bio-Cosmétique and Eau de Plaisir creations. Available in the Dorée versions, gold with ice white snow crystals and Passion, garnet red with shiny gold decorations (starting from € 22.50). The Chemises de Noël, in the playful Dorée and Passion fantasies, wrap the Phyto-Bath Shower Nature-Écologie, adding a magical trait to the natural allure of the line (€ 17.50 each). The Collection Noël RNC 1838 is also enriched with new accessories, the Neige de Noël, fine linen bags with snow-colored decorations, in three sizes. Inside, assorted combinations Nature-Ecologie and Bio-Cosmétique, including the Phyto-Savons, with natural formula (Starting from € 15.00).
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