The change of season is upon us and it is time to prepare the skin for autumn beauty. We offer you some references for a regenerating “remise en beauté”.

Akoia Sublime Crème Gel Énergie Vitale by World of Beauty is an ultra moisturizing cream-gel ideal for providing energy and vitality to the skin with a tired and uneven appearance. It helps the skin in the daily defense from cellular oxidative stress (50 ml – € 88.00)

Ilmatar is the balancing face mask with peat created by Lace Beauty to allow a thorough facial cleansing and at the same time moisturize and improve the skin texture. The formula is completed with soothing and emollient active ingredients that keep the skin microbiota in balance (10 ml – € 12.00)

Vitamin C Brightening Booster by 111 Skin is a booster that combines pure vitamin C with glutathione and licorice root to enhance the lightening and antioxidant effects. The formula also contains citric acid which helps to make the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, without irritating it (20 ml – € 110.00)

Mediterranea Action Firming Lip & Eye Cream awakens the natural beauty of eyes and lips.It improves the elasticity of the skin, counteracts dehydration of the lip contour and helps keep the contour compact; reduces dark circles and becomes a perfect base for make-up (30 ml – € 22.50)

Hydra Eye Patch by Mediterranea is a mask that counteracts dark circles, bags and small expression lines (pack with 4 single sachets – € 13.40)

111 Skin introduces Sub-Zero de-puffing eye Mask, a refreshing hydrogel mask that envelops the eye contour, infusing the skin with powerful active ingredients that counteract bags and dark circles (8×6 ml – € 75.00)

Akoia Gold Enzyme Scrub by World of Beauty prepares the skin to receive subsequent treatments. Renews the skin by bringing an intense radiance. It does not contain granules (50 ml – € 80.00).

The new Mediterranea Everyday Cleansing Gel has a consistency that in contact with water transforms into a light and fluid milk, guaranteeing a deep and delicate cleansing, without attacking the skin (100 ml – € 10.30).

Nourishing tonic from the Lucim by Ariix line is enriched with calming antioxidants and natural ingredients. Formula free of alcohol and fragrances (€ 46.73)

Facial cleansing oil from the Lucim line by Ariix. Based on natural oils and grape seeds, it removes dirt, impurities and make-up and moisturizes the skin (€ 41.64)

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