Sinesia is the first beauty line that consciously mixes haircare and skincare to allow us to take care of the head in its entirety, from the neck up. And find our voice in the noise of the world.
Sinesia          Sinesia
Sinesia is a beauty line that starts from a simple observation: the frenetic pace of modern life does not allow us the time to stay connected with ourselves and with our real needs. To allow us to find our “center” and rebalance our essence with what surrounds us by marking the rhythms of our time in the best possible way, the Agf88 group laboratories have formulated the Premium Sinesia line, which acts “from the neck up” treating hair, face and scalp as a single synergistically interconnected universe and therefore paying particular attention to the head, fundamental center and exclusive seat of thoughts and actions. Designed by Afsoon Neginy, Sinesia products are designed for professional salons but can also be used for self-beauty rituals because they accompany us on new sensory paths capable of stimulating the senses and giving life to new connections to achieve authentic beauty. The 5 lines of treatment are divided into two worlds: a ritual, Slow Motion, where the focus is on application gestures; and a faster one, Like a Click, where the focus is on immediate performance. A flexible system that adapts to the needs of the moment.
SinesiaAll products can be combined with each other. All Sinesia products have formulas composed of up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin, are up to 98% biodegradable and are 100% Vegan friendly. The packaging has a reduced environmental impact starting from the production choice of the supply chain and are Veganok certified, that is, they guarantee the non-use of animal derivatives. An additional certification for packaging, Lifegate Zero Impact, guarantees a reduction in the environmental impact of the brand’s products by offsetting emissions through the protection of a forest and wooded area in Madagascar.
(Photo credits @Marco de Filippo).
      Sinesia          Sinesia


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