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Rocco Forte Hotels announce the creation of Rocco Forte Spas, the new brand wide spa proposition launching in January 2016. The offering is born from the desire to find wellbeing in all the environments that surround us, not only creating an unforgettable experience during a stay at their properties, but also creating new habits that can be continued at home. The new spa programme has four components, combining treatments with beauty products, fitness and food, to create the perfect blend to suit each guest individually. Forte Organics, Rocco Forte Rituals, Rocco Forte Fitness and Rocco Forte Nourish will be in each spa, strongly influenced by the cities in which they are in, whilst based on a united philosophy. Rocco Forte Rituals are the treatments offered in all of the Rocco Forte spas, using the exclusive newly created Forte Organics, a bio-cosmetic line made in Italy by Effigi Lab. The products are rich in organic, natural, as well as active, Sicilian ingredients. The line includes a range of beauty face and body products. Rocco Forte Rituals are the treatments available in each of the Rocco Forte Spas. It include a Facial Ritual, Back Ritual and Body Ritual, and in some of the properties a variety of Couples’ Rituals. All Rocco Forte Rituals have strong local accents. A further aspect of the Rocco Forte Spa offering is Rocco Forte Fitness, which is inspired by the Forte family’s commitment to sport. It is lead by an innovative approach to fitness, with the most cutting-edge gadgets and equipment, working with professional trainers for support, ensuring a complete approach. In addition to the running maps available to guests in their rooms, many of the hotels offer sightseeing running tours, combining the culture of the city with improving fitness. After all, Rocco Forte Nourish ensures that guests can eat healthily throughout all of the Rocco Forte hotels. The Rocco Forte Nourish menus have been created in partnership with well-known local nutritionists and healthy chefs, ensuring that guests have an abundance of interesting, innovative and tasty dishes. Rocco Forte Hotels have brought delicious healthy, light Rocco Forte Nourish menus to all of the hotels’ restaurants, as well as in the Room Dining menus and in the spas. Established by Sir Rocco Forte and sister, Olga Polizzi in 1996, Rocco Forte Hotels is a family of 10 individual hotels and resorts. All of the hotels are landmarks, both old and new, occupying magnificent buildings in exceptional locations. Rocco Forte Hotels comprises: Hotel de Russie, Rome; Hotel Savoy, Florence; Verdura Resort, Sicily; The Balmoral, Edinburgh; Brown’s Hotel, London; The Charles Hotel, Munich; Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt; Hotel de Rome, Berlin; Hotel Amigo, Brussels; Hotel Astoria, St Petersburg. Future opening: Jeddah in 2016, Shanghai in 2018.
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