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Not just kitchens, but design from elegant and timeless projects that never fail to impress. As further proof of the fact there are numerous internationally design awards received , including the German Brand Award 2016 in Gold, as well as the great success achieved in the context of the latest edition of the M.O.W., the largest European Furniture Fair held in autumn. In the exhibition spaces August-Wilhelm Siekmann-Forum in Löhne, specialists and interior designers from around the world were inspired by recent developments in the field of design surfaces and equipment for the SieMatic kitchen presented in the three styles: Classic, Pure and Urban. Compositions of kitchens characterized by a refined game of classic style, minimalist and modern elements, symmetry and asymmetry, opaque and shiny surfaces in different materials: from lacquer to wood to stone up to the metals, which place exclusive aesthetic accents, whether they are faceted frame doors, open elements, furniture showcase, cabinets, handles or grooves. Among the new and most interesting realizations details such as the elegant metal edges of StoneDesign
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SieMatic countertops have emerged, but also highlights as the metal linear filigree open element SieMatic, especially developed for the hanging area, which thus takes on a subtle sheen. Among the Signature Pieces of the Classic line there also is an unusual piece of forniture reinterpreting in a modern and elegant key the classic Chinese wedding cabinet, revisited in materials and forms: in matt black oak with aesthetic accents in polished nickel, it is available in different variations as a pantry or as a fridge-freezer. A design concept, the one of the SieMatic Classic style that goes back to the SieMatic BeauxArts internationally presented 10 years ago and whose design philosophy is constantly updated while keeping intact the core: the harmonious composition of seemingly conflicting stylistic elements that, in area eponymous architectural style, broke the conventional rules of furniture from the late 19th century and characterized the American metropolises enriching world famous timeless elegance buildings.
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