Moët Ice Impérial also in the rosé version is the first champagne created to be drunk exclusively on the rocks

moet ice imperial  moet ice imperial

And finally the most innovative Champagne tasting experience that combines pleasure, freshness and free spirit of the summer. At the beach, on a rooftop or by the pool, Moët Ice Impérial is back and is ready to awaken the senses … summer rocks! Champagne on the rocks? Moet Ice Impérial breaks the taboo of tradition and inaugurates a new style, an authentic drinking experience that unites unexpectedly effervescence and ice cubes. From the rooftop of Milan to the most chic beaches, from celebrity pools to super yachts, the senses awaken to the best circle of friends in the world. Summer Rocks is the only word that Moët & Chandon could create: over 270 years of Elegance and savoir fête blend harmoniously with an irreverent, inimitable spirit of celebration.  Enclosed in an irresistible chic packaging, Moët Ice Impérial represents a perfect synthesis of Maison’s values: elegance, glamour and pioneering spirit. A luxurious white bottle with the inevitable black tie, golden label and silvery reflections in design make Moët Ice Impérial the ideal drink for exclusive summer excursions in the most trendy locations in the world: from the beaches of Acapulco, Rio de Janeiro and Saint Tropez, Los Angeles or Sydney vip terraces, to Caribbean cruises and beyond. Credits: Elena Barassi, Moet Chandon

moet ice imperial moet ice imperial

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