The first edition of I Maestri del Panettone, comes on stage on November, the 18th and the 19th, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan
Panettone       Panettone
Milan is Panettone’s capital. That’s a fact. Whether it is one of the most famous and complicated pastries at the same time. So, in search of the secret of all the secrets, the Panettone Artigianale Feast will come to our rescue and it will welcome the 25 best yeast masters coming from all over Italy to propose over 100 variations of the sweet symbol of milanese Christmas. The first edition of “I Maestri del Panettone“, scheduled for November, the 18th and the 19th, in the new Le Cavallerizze space within
Panettone           Panettone
the Museum of Science and Technology with the support of Italian Gourmet, will allow you to taste (and buy) the proposals of the yeast masters, including the Limoncello Panettone by Sal De Riso, the Pecan nuts and vanilla from Madagascar by Luigi Biasetto, the White figs Panettone by Alfonso Pepe and the Giulebbe by Paolo Sacchetti. Of course, there also will be the classic Panettone
Panettonewith raisins and candies, as well as the various dressings made with creams or enriched with fruit and frosted variations. The two days also include children’s workshops, the “Impastando si impara” school – adult classes to learn how to do panettone at home, with the help of two prominent professionals such as Ezio Marinato and Ezio Rocchi -, meetings and masterclass with themed tastings to learn how to recognize the real panettone and “La Fabbrica del Panettone“, a true confectionery workshop that works
Panettone         Panettone
perfectly to discover (and learn) the secrets of the Christmas cake with the exceptional guidance of the present Masters at the event, ready to answer and satisfy every curiosity. And for those who are looking for something even more exclusive for a truly special Christmas, there are the Limited Edition by I Maestri del Panettone: unique creations and limited edition (300 pieces), enclosed in luxurious gift boxes signed by the Masters, that can be tasted and booked during the event and delivered comfortably home in time for the holidays.
Panettone       Panettone

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