Pastificio Rana, official pasta of the Giro d’Italia 2021, presents an exclusive limited edition of ravioli dedicated to the most loved cycling competition in our country. A tribute to two Italian passions, the table and sport, which is joined by Rana’s constant commitment to the most needy thanks to the collaboration with Banco Alimentare.

Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia

Rana, which has always been known for the goodness and creativity of its fresh products, is the official pasta of the Giro d’Italia 2021 and for the occasion it launches the special limited edition “Rana – Giro d’Italia”. A range of fresh filled pasta, made up of four regional recipes all dressed in pink, like the historic jersey, to celebrate the partnership with the most legendary cycling race in our country.

The Giro d’Italia at the table: the four stages of taste

With the “Rana – Giro d’Italia” line, Pastificio Rana pays homage to four wonderful regions, three of which are crossed by the 2021 cycling event, drawing inspiration from the stories, gastronomy and accents that characterize them. The result is a limited edition, available until September 2021, which brings to the table four traditional Italian recipes wrapped in a casket of thin fresh pasta, a real dish on the plate! From the creamed cod to the norm, from the ossobuco and risotto with saffron alla carbonara, Rana makes a journey through the flavors of Italy, inspired by the great variety that characterizes our country: a wealth of tastes, culture and dialects that makes every angle. And here they are specifically:

Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia

Ravioli filled with creamed cod: Rana evokes the cosmopolitan vocation of Venetian sailors with a dish full of flavor and history based on cod, known during their travels in the North Seas. The ancient recipe is thus transformed into a soft and delicious filling, contained in an exquisite square-shaped ravioli.

Ravioli filled with Ossobuco and Saffron Risotto: the taste doubles with a tribute to two exceptional Lombard specialties. Two distinct fillings, from which a harmonious encounter is born made of two different ravioli present in the same package, characterized by two sheets and two flavors. The intense note of the ossobuco thus combines with the velvety texture of the saffron risotto for an experience to be shared.

Ravioli with Carbonara filling: an iconic dish of Lazio, Carbonara needs no introduction and has inspired Rana to create a creamy heart with a strong and unmistakable taste, kept inside delicious crescents of fresh pasta.

Ravioli stuffed with Norma: a land rich in history and wonderful cuisine, Sicily is the birthplace of a famous recipe that brings together all the flavors of the Mediterranean: the Norma. From tomato to eggplant, the ingredients are enclosed in a square-shaped pastry that will conquer all the senses

Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia Pastificio Rana Giro d'Italia

The awareness campaign: Rana next to those in need

The “Rana – Giro d’Italia” range celebrates the bond of affection that Rana has always had for the Italian territory, paying special attention to those most in need. The Pastificio in fact continues its commitment in the fight against poverty and wants to ideally embrace, from north to south, all those who find themselves in difficulty through a awareness initiative of great concreteness. By renewing the collaboration with Banco Alimentare, with which the Veronese company has been cooperating for years, Rana chooses to be next to those who cannot afford a meal, to continue to bring a moment of serenity right where it is most needed. For each packet of “Rana – Giro d’Italia” ravioli purchased, the Pastificio will donate a fresh Giovanni Rana product to Banco Alimentare. An important gesture of awareness to bring tangible help in this period marked by the pandemic and the consequent growth of poverty that is taking place. Info:



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