Peter Brunel_Chef Executive    Aspettando Primavera by Loretta Fanella

Starring chefs and journalists together in the kitchen for the second edition of Spoon, the event hosted by the gourmet restaurant Borgo San Jacopo by Lungarno Collection (Florence). From april, 11th every Monday a month until next January the landlord, the starring Peter Brunel, will create theme dinners with guests. The 5-course menu will be created from time to time by him along with two star chefs and an expert in food and wine journalist, while the desserts will be signed by the famous pastry chef Loretta Fanella. Laid protagonist of the evening will be the spoon, hence the name Spoon. Guest chefs of the first appointment will be Felice Lo Basso, 1 Michelin star restaurants with Unique and Alpenroyal and from next May to Felix Lo Basso Restaurant in Milan and Gaetano Trovato of the restaurant Arnolfo, Colle di Val d’Elsa (2 stars) while journalists will work at the stove will be Paolo Pellegrini. (Reservations required, closed number, cost € 120 per person including wine).

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