Gourmand and artistic, the Ernst Knam Easter exalts the chocolate and gives off the festivities for the 25th anniversary of his famous Pasticceria.
Ernst Knam               Ernst Knam
It is Easter time the moment in which the Mâitre chocolatier Ernst Knam loves to experiment more. In addition to this, it will be a special Easter, because it coincides with the 25th birthday of the homonymous Milanese Pasticceria in Via Anfossi. So the King of Chocolate will celebrate this special anniversary with various initiatives throughout the year starting from this festivity. For the showcase of the Pasticceria, Knam has created a monumental sculpture of chocolate with different styles and techniques which incorporates the city of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Gulliver’s Travels, but always maintaining its unique style thanks to the inclusion of some of the subjects designed for the Easter period. The “Kubismo” of the Master is represented by three characters with inserts in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white. The Chicken Kubo, the Pig Kubo and the Rabbit Kubo shoot the typical Easter subjects, but transformed into something new, original and always surprising. So the Knam Chicken and the Pollock Egg – decorated with dripping technique made famous by the American artist Jackson Pollock – and the Botero sheep, inspired by the Colombian painter Fernando Botero style remain the cornerstones of the Easter. Chocolate, studied art and design in every detail which are also found in the new ideas of eggs: the Fior di Pesco Egg, white chocolate and decorated with flowers sugar paste; the Egg World, where in the classical structure the Worlds Knam, also in chocolate and adorned with gold leaf and Herrmann Owl Egg, which fully incorporates the features of the bird are inserted. Not forgetting the classic wrapped eggs (in which you can enter to your surprise) and cakes of the tradition, Pasqualina and Pastiera.
Ernst KnamErnst KnamErnst Knam

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