A century of innovation and modernity for Motta, a company that has made the history of the confectionery industry in Italy and celebrates this important birthday with a commemorative volume.
Motta         Motta
It was 1919 when Angelo Motta invented the baking cup that made the Panettone, the original one, the high soft cake we all know and love. A company history made up of innovative products, communication choices of great impact and many successes, but its name is and will always be linked primarily to the Panettone. A century of history that could not be celebrated, so much so that the brand has created a special commemorative volume by Motta published by UTET Grandi Opere for FMR types, which uses a rigorous and careful research into contents and iconography, as well as shots taken expressly for this initiative by photographer Francesco Piras. The original essays by Fabiana Giacomotti, “Motta è Motta è Motta” and “La pubblicità Motta”, reconstruct the most important moments of 100 years intense and full of vicissitudes together with its protagonists. Not only well-known personalities and artists who have contributed to making the products and the communication of the brand iconic, but also those who with their work and their intuitions have made the great
Mottasuccesses of the brand possible: a special edition of the book, containing the photos of those who work in the company today, was in fact given as a gift to all employees. The volume will be available online on mottamilano.it, completely renovated, to allow everyone to get to know the history of a company that has become part of the cultural heritage of the Italians and will be produced in two special editions: a hardcover version and a hardcover one in a limited and numbered edition with a silk cover and an exclusive box set, both for sale on Amazon. A unique opportunity to come into contact with a real Italian excellence, also through historical images that, recovered for the occasion, form the backdrop to the evocative story of the brand’s history. And if the Panettone is usually on the tables of 83% of Italians (Doxa research), this year the new Panettone Motta original graphics inspired by historical packaging will stand out on the shelves. A particularly distinctive pack, which recalls the Motta story but with a modern and original imprint.
Motta Motta Motta

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