Three models of leggings in Dermofibra® Cosmetics, that, worn for 8 hours a day, for 28 days, have a draining, slimming and remodeling effect

Leggings BeGood Leggings BeGood

Combining Swiss scientific expertise on cosmetics with Italian textile skills to create an innovative fabric: this is the mission of BeGood (//, the brand that gave birth to Dermofibra® Cosmetics, a yarn Internationally patented in which you can find inorganic compounds and microspheres of vitamins, aloe vera and caffeine that streamline and reshape the silhouette and drain, nourish and moisturize the skin using the heat of the body that activates it. The new line includes three new models of leggings in Dermofibra® Cosmetics, which can be used both for sports and for everyday activities that require a comfortable, light and practical outfit: worn for 8 hours a day, for 28 days, the draining, slimming and remodeling effect, can lead to loss up to 1.5 cm on the waist, up to 1.8 cm on the sides and up to 1.4 cm on the thigh. This is the added value of BeGood models: in addition to their made in Italy design and their versatility, which allows them to be used every day, they are the only true line of cosmetotextile clothing or textile products that release cosmetic principles on the skin.

The features of the new collection: technology, design and wellness

The three garments of the new BeGood collection are three leggings in defined colors, easily matched with any type of accessory to be used in daily activities and with distinctive details that make them perfect for playing sports without forgetting the fashion side of every woman. The first two leggings are black, super slim, flat stomach effect and with burgundy or gray side bands with Dermofibra® Cosmetics technology as the third model, a black legging with python inserts and have another technology, the Resistex Silver, a gusset made up of a Polyamide yarn covered with a 99.9% pure silver filament with surprising antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to amplify the comfort of BeGood leggings. All the three garments adhere perfectly to the silhouette that, with body heat, activates the inorganic compounds (silicon, titanium, magnesium, zinc) and the microspheres of Aloe Vera, Vitamins A and E and caffeine: in this way, it stimulates circulation that leads to the drainage of excess liquids on the legs and hips, giving it a new look.

An Italian fabric with unique technology that remains intact over time

BeGood is the company that has obtained the international patent on the Dermofibra® Cosmetics yarn, thanks to the fact that it has built a unique material in the world, whose properties do not deteriorate over time due to use but remain creating a garment that will not lose never its peculiar qualities. In this way, the whole line of Dermofibra® Cosmetics leggings has been designed in such a way as not to be damaged, lose its grip or fade because the filaments are dyed even before being spun and the whole structure of the garment is the result of careful studies on the weights and on the compression of the fabric guaranteeing an inimitable product in its peculiarities. Because it’s the scientific study, the attention and care towards the texture of the skin and the well-being of the body, that with the experience of BeGood have succeeded in creating, with the new collection, three new leggings that introduce the future of the sector cosmetotessile: not only clothing but wellness to wear.

Leggings BeGood Leggings BeGood

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