A concentrate of true sweetness on the Xmas tables. Here are some suggestions for the sweetest moments and for the most appreciated gifts.
sweetness       sweetness
Panettone in a praline
The maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi has “locked” the Christmas cake par excellence in a 4cm chocolate shirt. Only one champion of the chocolate world could do it and Comaschi surpassed himself with his Galaxy praline on the panettone. The new praline enriches the “Unforgettable Chocolate Experience” line of the maître chocolatier, the only Italian to have won the World Chocolate Masters. This new creation sublimates the flavors of the panettone in a soft ganache, for an explosion of taste in which candied oranges, the raisins and the essences of vanilla and butter are found. Comaschi products are also available in three exclusive sales points: Rinascente Milano, Rinascente Torino and Forte Village Resort in Sardinia (davidecomaschi.com).
Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci
Giovanni Cova & C. proposes “LEONARDO 500”, the new line of exclusive Panettoni and Pandori craftsmen dedicated to the great genius, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary. An icon of craftsmanship in the Milanese patisserie, Giovanni
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Cova & C. elegantly offers a journey through taste and art, with carefully selected ingredients and raw materials and precious wrappers and fine finishes inspired by some of Leonardo’s most famous masterpieces. Thus, for example, La Gioconda contains the 1 Kg Classic Panettone, awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels with the Three-Star Superior Taste Award, in an elegant collection tin package; the Panettone Grancioccolato, with chopped hazelnuts, is enclosed in the reproduction of the work L’Annunciazione, while the Ultima Cena elegantly covers the Panettone with white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio drops. Available in the Milan Bistrot and Flagship store in Brera (giovannicovaec.it).
A fairy tale for Christmas
The Christmas catalog of chef Ernst Knam tells the story of the squirrel Ernestino, who leads us through the magic of the Ernst Knam Pastry creations not only making us sweet but making us all children again. Within the A Christmas Tale
sweetness         sweetness
catalog (a project by Alessandra Mion Knam) there are all Ernestino’s meetings during his journey to discover new worlds and above all new flavors. From Acorn in dark chocolate Peru Pachiza 70%, sprinkled with milk chocolate and with details in white chocolate to the Croquembouche formed by cream puffs filled with custard and tied together with caramel; from the Nuvola tree in dark chocolate Peru Pachiza 70%, sprinkled with green and gold cocoa butter and embellished with gold glitter up, to leavened products – Panettone, Pandoro, Veneziana, Knamettone, Christollen – passing by Pino Pollock, Santa
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Claus, the Reindeer, the Limited Edition Gold Truffle and much more, including the savory Finger Foods and the Gourmet Panettone. Available at the pastry shop in Via Anfossi 10 in Milan. (For reservations from the catalog: eknam@eknam.com).
The Panettone and the art of Wine
Which wines do the panettone match? Only sweet glasses or can there be curious combinations with other wines? The Antica Pasticceria Muzzi of Foligno – leader in leavened confectionery in the Premium segment – tried to answer these questions with “Il Panettone and the Art of Wine”, a vademecum to discover the combinations of Italian regional wines and
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leavened wines from anniversary. The guide was created in collaboration with the National Association of Women of Wine which provided the great knowledge of its sommeliers. The booklet will be free in all the panettone of the Linea Vini of the 2019 Catalog and in the classic panettone specifically designed to celebrate the collaboration. In the guide there are as many as 72 combinations, ranging from Fiori d’Arancio Colli Euganei Spumante, excellent with classic pandoro, to the Gewurztraminer Passito Doc, perfect with the Panettone apricots and chocolate; from Moscato d’Asti, combined with Panettone curcuma and ginger to the Erbaluce di Caluso Passito for the Panettone glazed with IGP hazelnuts. (Pasticceriamuzzi.com).
From Amalfi Coast the Tiramisù al Panettone
All the sweetness and sunshine of the Amalfi Coast in Tiramisù al Panettone, a real treat filled with espresso and mascarpone cream by the pastry chef Sal de Riso. Artisan bakery product with natural leavening, Tiramisù al Panettone is made of soft leavened dough without raisins, orange and candied citron.

sal de riso  sal de riso
Gourmet Collection
There are 2 new recipes that expand the Gourmet Collection by Vergani, which for 75 years has been delighting the feasts with its Panettone Milano doc. Next to the timeless classic recipe, there are two gourmet variations ready to conquer even the most demanding palates. The Panettone with white chocolate and salted caramel enriches the classic dough made with
natural yeast, flour, butter and fresh egg yolk, with drops of white chocolate and salted caramel flakes that give this
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Panettone an intriguing sweet-salty taste. As tradition dictates, 72 hours of patient leavening give the characteristic honeycomb and an inimitable fragrance. The classic recipe is also enriched by a delicious almond glaze and amaretto grains for the Amaretto-glazed Panettone, a real specialty that amazes for the balance of flavors. On sale in Vergani boutiques in Milan (Via Mercadante 17; Corso di Porta Romana 51 – panettonevergani.com).
One leads to another
We are not talking about cherries, but about the delicious “candies” with the licorice of Lakrids by Bülow, which since 2007 has produced an exceptional Danish licorice and covers it creating amazing combinations with chocolate of the most disparate flavors: salt & caramel, raspberry, crunchy flakes of sea salt, passion fruit and much more (lakridsbybulow.com). Moments of true sweetness that blend well with a steaming cup of tea from the Warming Joy collection designed for Christmas by Tea Forte. The selection includes Ginger Snap and Raspberry Ganache black teas and Spiced Ginger Plum, Rum Raison Biscotti and Winter Chai infusions (teaforte.it).
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