The “starred” sushi of Ichi Station has opened a new location in the heart of Milan with 35 seats. Tasty new items on the menu, including Peruvian Inspirations and hot dishes revisited from the Japanese tradition.
Ichi Station       Ichi Station
Less than a year after the launch of Ichi Station, the small “station” in the heart of Milan (Viale Col di Lana 3) for a “starred” takeaway sushi signed by Haruo Ichikawa, the famous Japanese chef inaugurated the brand’s first restaurant to give everyone the opportunity to live the experience offered by Ichi Station. The restaurant in Via Fara 33 in fact traces the inspiring concept of the “station”, born as a place that is a crossroads of cultures, discoveries and sharing of experiences. “A journey of flavors, memories, experiences and emotions. A journey of the senses that blends the Japanese tradition with the inspirations of the countries in the world that I visited. Because every road traveled leaves a trace that I love to turn into an experience of taste ” explains Haruo Ichikawa, who for many years was the chef of the famous sushi restaurant Iyo in Milan, for which he received a Michelin Star. The menu of the new restaurant proposes all the strong dishes of Ichi Station to which are added new proposals and the eclectic experience of Master Haruo Ichikawa translates into fusion dishes and experiments all to be enjoyed. Such as the Mosaic Sushi to be chosen from salmon, tuna, amberjack, tamako yaki (egg omelette), sea bass, scallops, cooked prawn, avocado, cucumber, mango. Or La Via dei Colori, a sushi that takes the color of the ingredients used, completely natural. By Speciali Viaggio Ichikawa has instead selected typical regional dishes to bring them into their world of flavors. Finally, there are the new hot dishes: from the Gyu Don with rice, beef, onion and quail eggs to Sake Soyaki made with salt-grilled salmon; from Riso Foie Gras to Tonjiru, miso soup with
Ichi Stationvegetables, bacon and vegetables to Chicken Teryaki, rice with chicken legs, cauliflower, sesame and teryaki sauce. And also the poké bowl are enriched with new Miniature versions proposed in 6 or 9 stages that change every week depending on the catch, with taste routes created by the chef. Of course, sushi, sashimi, nighiri, uramaki and tartare are not missing, all dishes made with excellent raw materials and sauces whose secret ingredients are jealously guarded by the Maestro. The beverage selection includes as many as 18 references of wines and craft beers and there is also a tasty range of desserts: the matchamisù, tiramisu with matcha tea and the ever-present Japanese mochi. Always open for both lunch and dinner – except on Sundays where only the takeaway service is available – Ichi Station in Via Fara for lunch also offers ideal lunch boxes for a smart break, while for the evening it offers an à la carte menu. The restaurant was designed as a sort of station, with postcards hanging from the ceiling that reflect the theme of the travel experience. 35 seats, with single tables and a social table at the entrance. Every detail has been carefully studied: from the plates to the placemats that reflect the fabric of the old Japanese kimonos, on each of which is printed a travel thought of Haruo Ichikawa. As for prices, the philosophy of Ichi Station is to eliminate frills, focusing on the heart of the experience: the product, the food. Despite the starry signature and the absolute excellence of raw materials, Ichikawa loves to share with everyone the experience of a world of flavors that will always be “on the road”. (
Ichi Station

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