Long, short, curly or straight hair, the most important thing is to take care of them, especially in the change of season.

Alter Ego Italy presents Energizing Ritual, the adjuvant ritual in the prevention of hair loss that gives vitality, strength and resistance thanks to the rich blend of vitamins, proteins and naturally derived ingredients.

Carol haircare is the first line of sustainable hair care based on vitamins, bioactive superfoods of plant origin and 100% pure vegetable oils. Vegan friendly, natural and cruelty free.

Echosline, a professional hair care brand that embraces The Vegan Way philosophy, has created B.Pur Clay, a “smart” line, composed of a trilogy of essential and innovative products that purify and cleanse deeply starting from the skin, and then remineralize the hair and obtain a soft, shiny hair and a longer lasting styling performance.

Highly nourishing, protective, softening and detangling, Oro Capelli by Eterea Cosmesi Naturale combines 14 organic, natural active oils (squalane, vitamin E) and organic extracts of capsicum and hypericum.

Color Mask is Fanola’s fast & easy novelty that gives new light and new life to the hair with a cosmetic service that does not damage the hair fiber. Thanks to the colored pigments that fix on the surface of the hair, the Color Masks intensify the tone and give intense and luminous reflections in just two minutes. There are nine shades available: Black steel, Chocolate touch, Golden gloss, Red blaze, Purple flow, Candy pink, Ocean blue and Clover green.

To repair frizzy, dry and damaged hair, making it silky and shiny, Mediterranea has created Aquam, two new haircare products with 98% natural ingredients: Regenerating Mask and Nourishing Oil.

For shiny, strong and super glam hair, Oro di Spello presents the Hair Line consisting of Delicate Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner, which ensure a delicate, effective and clean haircare thanks to the exclusive formulations composed of a mix of organic oils, plant extracts and functional ingredients.










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