Refined and genuine at the same time, Daisen Pane & Champagne is the new Milanese champagneria with a simple, immediate and great taste format.
Dasein      Dasein

What do champagne have in common with Brisaola from Val Chiavenna, bitto, salami from Cinta Senese or sciatt and hand-made ravioli? Much more than one might think in reality, so much so that the refined bubbles and the best of Italian gastronomic craftsmanship give life to refined and tasty combinations in the format created by Monika Zanic and Victor Jerkunica, who opened this unusual champagneria in the last months of 2019 in the Porta Venezia area. Dasein in German means “to be there”: Monika is of Czech origin but she lived in Vienna, where she graduated in architecture; Victor, a DaseinMilanese of Dalmatian origins, is a lawyer and shares with Monika – as well as his life as a couple – the passion for feng shui. Together they have thus created an indoor place that is absolutely balanced and rich in style. Outside, there is a delightful outdoor area in the name of greenery and elegance that can accommodate about forty people. There are over one hundred champagne labels accompanied by chopping boards and mainly cold dishes with raw materials of the highest quality. The selection and constant research is done periodically by the DaseinDasein team by visiting the producers directly, from the small wineries scattered between Reims and its surroundings to the mountain pastures and huts of Val Chiavenna. The will is to favor those who love to produce in an artisanal way and to offer it at an ethical and sustainable price. Brisaola (and not bresaola because it is that of Alberto Prandini from Val Chiavenna), a vertical of “historic rebel” bitto aged from 2013 to 2019, formai de munt, Cinta Senese cured meats, mountain blue cheeses, to which are then added some proposals hot dishes including sciatt and hand-made ravioli. The tasting is the same that is proposed by the classic French champagnerie with tastings of 2-3-4 glasses of different champagnes, the best way to taste and appreciate their different peculiarities. Some elegant and original versions of Spritz, also in a non-alcoholic version, have recently been added to satisfy those who desire something different.

Via Lodovico Settala 2N01 – Milan
Tuesday-Saturday 18:00 – 24:00
Dasein      Dasein

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