Coltivatori di Emozioni is the first Italian social farming platform through which to discover and support the agricultural traditions and excellence of the territories.

Coltivatori di EmozioniDiscovering the traditions and agricultural excellence of a territory by helping to support them: this is the mission of Coltivatori di Emozioni, the first Italian social farming platform that aims to safeguard the national agricultural heritage through a system of support for farmers, the true custodians of the ancient Italian agri-food traditions. A project that intends to recover peasant traditions in danger of extinction, to pass on the numerous agri-food biodiversity of which Italy is the guardian and to repopulate the areas at risk of abandonment by reactivating local micro-economies. A message addressed both to individual tourists, increasingly attentive to sustainable holiday solutions, and to Coltivatori di Emozionicompanies, who can communicate their commitment to the environment and, above all, increase their ESG rating, the set of criteria that measure business commitment in terms of sustainability. All thanks to the partnership between Coltivatori di Emozioni, the association I Borghi più Belli d’Italia and the tour operator Borghi d’Italia Tour Network, a new entry in the project precisely to be able to give even more prominence to the experiences offered to passionate tourists and companies looking for sustainability. Several Coltivatori di Emozionioptions are available to individuals and companies to become a supporter of Italian agricultural traditions and enter the community of Cultivators of Emotions: from the simple contribution in support of the farmer, to the pits with product selections, to the experiences that allow you to actively participate in the activities of the farms of the platform network. About twenty experiences are offered on the Coltivatori di Emozioni website: guests have the opportunity to get to know products and producersColtivatori di Emozioni more closely, take on the role of shepherds, farmers and cooks “for a day” and of course discover the artistic and cultural heritage. and landscape of the territory. The cost of each proposal is calculated on a two-person basis. Other experiences are available on request, in particular by companies that intend to do team building days or company family days on the occasion of significant and targeted dates. And those who wish can continue to support the company remotely: the farmers, on the other hand, undertake to provide their supporters with periodic updates on the implementation of the works put in place and on the crops carried out with sustainable and non-invasive methods (

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