Not just a restaurant: Arcano is the brand new concept that welcomes you from the early hours of the morning until late at night in a unique atmosphere.
Arcano       Arcano
Restaurant, bistro, cocktail bar, piano bar. All in one place, but all with their own decided connotations. It is the new Arcano “concept”, inaugurated on February,the 11th, in the Milanese area of ​​Corso Vercelli. The elegant and refined interiors curated by the designer Nazli Niky with the support of a theatrical scenographer who has reconstructed real balconies in the entrance hall and, thanks to a particular 3D wallpaper, the town squares, are the background for a Mediterranean cuisine with a strong prevalence of earthen dishes. The part dedicated to the grill is particularly vast, with high quality meats such as Marango, a very marbled meat of cows in the wild fed on flax seeds, beet molasses and vegetable fats; the still little known Danish Crown, tender and sapid, very suitable for a female audience; the red-haired Angus Aberdeen, known for being the meat of the English royal family; and the extra marbled Pezzata Rossa grown in Friuli. The menu is supervised and signed by chef Misha Sukyas, the new driver of the television program “Camionisti in Trattoria”, while the director Francesco Buzzi is flanked in the bar area by Michele Baldi, a young bartender with experiences in the best clubs in Ibiza and Formentera. The moments dedicated to aperitifs and after-dinners are characterized by classic cocktails, original reinterpretations and wines by the glass, also of great prestige with the accompaniment of small dishes to tease and share. And every day, entertainment with live music and piano bar.
viale San Michele del Carso, 7 – Milan
Open every day
Photo credits @ModestinoTozzi
Arcano         Arcano

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